• This chrome luggage rack from Cuppini accomodates most universal-styled topcases. Manufactured in Italy by detailed craftsmen, you will be able to add rear cargo and ride in style. NOTE: Will not work with OEM Vespa topcase without custom modification.
  • Rear rack with backrest for the Genuine Brio. It's not big and clunky, and neither is the Brio. These two are going to get along just fine.   NOTE: Does not work with a topcase
  • Add a color matched topcase, basket, or rollbag to your Genuine Brio by utilizing this rack in black. Also available with a backrest.
  • Improve your scooter with the Prima Rear Rack and Backrest in a sleek finish. You'll be able to elevate your scooter's practicality and comfort while adding a touch of sophistication to your ride. This thoughtfully designed rear rack provides both style...
  • Add a passenger backrest to your K-Max Topcase for increased comfort.  Installation is as easy as pie as the only two tools needed are a drill and a screw driver. We recommend using old timey drills to make the job a little more entertaining...
  • The Prima Roll Bag is one of our most popular accessories. They mount to just about any aftermarket rear rack, much like a topcase, with included straps. Great quality heavy, waterproof canvas with a stiff inner plastic compartment to hold its shape...
    $139.99 - $209.99
  • Enhance both protection and aesthetics for your Genuine Roughhouse scooter with the Prima Legshield Guards. Crafted to seamlessly blend with your scooter's design, these guards offer a robust shield against debris, laydowns, and rogue shopping carts, all...