• Upgrade your stock handlebars with these taper bars. Great replacement for your Ruckus. Make sure to get the matching handlebar top clamp to utilize these bars. They will not work with the standard clamp. NOTE: Currently only available in black
  • Unleash the thrill of rapid acceleration and responsive control with the NCY Quick Draw Throttle. Designed to deliver instant power, this upgrade redefines your scooter experience. Precision built for enthusiasts, the Quick Draw Throttle ensures precise...
  • Replacement left hand brake lever for the Genuine Buddy 50, 125, 150 and 170i. This lever will also work on the Genuine RoughHouse, but is a slightly different style, so people might say you're weird. You'll need to purchase the matching lever to be less...
  • The NCY black kickstart lever for the Honda Ruckus that will help get you started when your battery won't. Finally, a kickstart lever that is classy enough to bring home to Mom.
  • If you are looking to run aftermarket handle bars to your Honda Ruckus you will need the handle bar post mount. This will give you the ability to run and 7/8 inch thick handle bars. This is a cnc billet aluminum part that is anodized black. Being that...